Impact 5.0 is for social impact investors of all stripes and varieties, 

foundations investing in social impact,

and social impact entrepreneurs across all sectors

who feel called to do more to anchor meaning/wisdom/consciousness

into the nuts and bolts of themselves and their enterprises.

As the founder of The Consciousness Company, I am obsessed with

human potential and creating a world that works for everyone.

I know that infusions of consciousness are required to get us all the way there

and I'm eager to facilitate infusing as many of your enterprises with it as possible.

Social impact investors and social entrepreneurs possess more power than most

— individually and collectively — to impact humanity's future.  

It's my knowing that as you personally master the integration

of everyday higher consciousness into your own life and, by extension,

into the lives of your investments and enterprises, infinitely more people will benefit.

Impact 5.0 can happen via private coaching, for sure.

And because of the incredibly dynamic nature of learning with and from others,

I'm actively recruiting the first cohort of participants for Impact 5.0, a 12-week intensive.

Let's cut to the chase and talk directly about how you can begin today to anchor

more wisdom, greater meaning, and higher consciousness into your every day life experience

and, importantly, into your investments and enterprises.

I look forward to meeting you.

P E A C E ,

Steven Morrison, M.A.

Founder, The Consciousness Company

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