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Impact 5.0

Impact 5.0 is awareness — then mastery — then regular practice —

of the impact of thought and emotion on outcomes.

It’s the fine-tuned alignment of desire — e.g., to rid the world of poverty —

with all of the non-financial and non-technological ways of creating change.

As the founder of The Consciousness Company, I am obsessed with

human potential and creating a world that works for everyone.

I know that infusions of consciousness are required to get us all the way there

and I want to infuse as many of your enterprises with it as possible.

There are few, if any, individuals with as much power to impact our collective futures

as social impact investors and entrepreneurs.

It’s my knowing that as you personally master the integration

of everyday higher consciousness into your own life, infinitely more people will

benefit because of the very nature of the work you do.

A good way to do that is over time and in concert with others.

Recruiting Now

The Consciousness Company is actively recruiting for our pilot Impact 5.0 class.

We will begin when we have our first 12 participants.


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