Conscious Business


The sure-fire way to make your business a conscious

business is to populate it with conscious people.

And that’s our business.


Whether you are:

an established business eager to stay relevant,

a startup interested in baking consciousness into the

fabric of your endeavor,

a Certified B Corporation intent on functioning at maximum capacity,

a team within a company wanting to exceed expectations,

 or a company at any stage of development interested in conscious business,

let us craft a fully-customized plan to infuse your enterprise with higher consciousness.

As Albert Einstein famously stated, we cannot solve problems with the

same consciousness that created them.

So if you have never seen or heard of The Consciousness Company

or its founder, Steven Morrison, M.A.,

consider that a good thing because the best solutions for the challenges you face

must, by nature, be something you haven’t thought about before.

A unique, cutting-edge approach.

The work we do is in response to challenges in search of solutions.

Where is there doubt?  Uncertainty? Lack of clarity?

What problems are chronic?

We are eager to present you with a cutting-edge, innovative approach to making your business

a conscious business.  Indeed, we think it will largely allow you to say goodbye

to one-off workshops and off-site retreats.  They can be full

of valuable information,  but most of it typically

gets lost by week’s end as the “realities” of everyday work life

intrude and engulf.  Our approach is about bringing the consciousness to the “realities,”

fully integrating new thinking

into the fabric of the company, shaping new directions as the company journeys on.

It’s actually incredibly simple and elegant.

And we think you will find it to be a tremendous value as well.


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