You are the only you who has ever existed and the only you who will ever exist.


So if there is anything -- anything at all -- stopping you from knowing who you really are,

from enjoying your Self and your Life to the fullest,

from doing what you want to do in the world,

it may just be time for

Master Level Private Coaching (also known, in certain circles, as consciousness training).

What do you mean, "Master?"

"Master" means you are at home and in alignment with these universal concepts:

Be Compassionate • Beliefs Matter • Be Present  Choices Abound  • Everything Is Energy

Have an Attitude of Gratitude • Intentions Matter  • Judgments Separate Us • Listen to

Inspiration • Mind and Body Are Connected • Take Responsibility • The Law of Attraction Is Always

On • We Are All Connected • We Are Here for a Reason • We Belong to the Planet, Not the Planet to Us

"Master" means you enter this work motivated and eager; engaged and open-minded; that you are very much wanting to learn to look at your life

through a new lens to gain new perspectives.

"Master" also means high-end, high-level, high-impact.  I bring a tremendous amount of energy and laser-like focus to this work; I expect you to do

the same.

Finally, "Master" means that you are in a position of influence as a boss, leader, entrepreneur, investor, etc.  When working privately, I choose to

maximize the work I do with individuals who influence others in the worlds of business, entrepreneurship, non-profit, foundations, etc.

Who am I?

My name is Steven Morrison.  Hi there.

I am a former psychotherapist, creator of Spiritual Workout®,

an author, and founder of The Consciousness Company.

I do this work -- and have done it for 25 years -- because I know that we

are not meant to suffer.  That whatever is "wrong" in our lives can be

made right.  For good.

I've turned myself into a laser-focused diagnostician and an expert way-

shower.  But knowing how I come alive when helping people figure it out

and see things in entirely new ways,  is all that really matters.

I have personally used this practice to 

exit the corporate world and follow my heart to what I really wanted to do.  And here I am.


I have also used it to navigate through the death of

my partner.  When I emerged from that process it was

with an  expanded soul and an increased capacity to give and

receive love.  I don't ever think about him or our relationship with

anything but joy and peace and love and delight. 

I'm not special, I just had a special way to move through it all.


When I lost my home and everything I had in the housing/mortgage

meltdown crisis, it was this practice that saved me.

Indeed, this practice is a way of life.

"Tierra III"

What I've seen when it comes to watching others

engage this practice has been transformative:

Unhappy relationships become happy.

Anxiety disappears as an issue.  Depression lifts.

Fear of change melts away.

Careers get unstuck.

Hope takes hold.

Love appears.

Connection to and knowing of Self gets firmly


Of course, that's just what it looks like

from my perspective...

In their own words, here's how others have described their experiences with this work:

[Steven] is able to cut through the fog of emotional confusion and help us see clearly how the solution can be reached.  He has a gift of being able to listen compassionately and to direct our attention to what is really going on.  It has never been what we thought it was! -Karin G.

You taught me how to think and that's everything.  -Karen K.

What was special for me was his ability to relate everyday issues and feelings to a higher plane of consciousness which was 1) effective in shifting how people process and deal with their issues and 2) left the group wanting more.  -Stephen J.

Master Level Private Coaching is for anyone who is:

"La Tarde"

-- dealing with a personal or professional crisis of some sort, uncertain about how to navigate out of it;

-- sick and tired of being sick and tired of a chronic, unwanted dynamic that keeps recurring;

-- humming along in home and work life and eager to create something fantastic for the future;

-- in a position to influence others.

Or something else altogether?

If you apply for Master Level Private Coaching, we will have a no-fee conversation about whether or

not we are a good match for one another.

Perhaps then I will share with you why I do not love the "coach" label.

Time Sensitive

As evidenced by what else you see on this site,

one-on-one sessions are not my only area of interest.

Indeed, as the consultancy grows, private sessions will diminish in availability and then disappear.

So there is definitely an element of catch it while you can.

Act now by taking these three simple steps:


Take a look again at the concepts we will work with and affirm that they resonate with you:

Be Compassionate • Beliefs Matter • Be Present 

Choices Abound  • Everything Is Energy

Have anAttitude of Gratitude • Intentions Matter  

Judgments Separate Us • Listen to Inspiration  

Mind and Body Are Connected • Take Responsibility 

The Law of Attraction Is Always On • We Are All Connected 

We Are Here for a Reason • We Belong to the Planet, Not the Planet to Us


CLICK HERE to fill out a brief application.


After you submit your application, I will contact you to schedule a

no-fee conversation (30-45 minutes) to confirm that I can be of service to you.

We'll talk, we'll decide, and you'll be off and running.

I do this work because of my unwavering belief that we are not meant to suffer.

I do it because it lights me up to help people solve problems for good

and because I revel in helping people discover beautiful things about themselves.

I do it because our souls need medicine.

And with more than 50,000 hours of mastery, I'm good at knowing

what that medicine is and

how to use it in service of your growth and development.

I do it because I'm obsessed with what humanity will achieve when we are all

operating at full capacity.

As such I stand ready, willing, and able to show you what's possible in your own life.

P E A C E . . .

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