The Consciousness Company is about teaching people how to think.

So from now on you can use "consciousness" and "thinking" interchangeably.

Except wait, throw in an awareness of thinking.  Now we're in business.

Thinking is critical to the operation because thinking creates.

Think about that for a minute:  thinking creates.

That means thoughts of fear, doubt, and failure create more fear, doubt, and failure.

Thoughts of certainty, purpose, and compassion create more certainty, purpose, and compassion.

It's really quite simple.

Now, consider that we humans each have in the neighborhood of 75,000 - 90,000 thoughts per day.

They all matter because they all create.  Every single one of them.

That's why it's so important that those of us who are thinking a lot about creating a world that works for everyone

be really smart about how we are thinking.

"Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it."

- Henry Ford

Thinking creates problems and thinking creates solutions.

Here's the rub:  thinking creates stuff we don't want just as much as it creates stuff we do want.

The future is really always something of a blank slate onto which we can create anything.

I may want to found a well-renowned, enormously profitable, deeply impactful consultancy.  Excellent.  Foot on the gas. (!)

But if I then spend most of my thinking time and energy on how hard it is to launch a successful business and on all the pressure there is to reach a certain level by a certain time and on how confounding and daunting it can be to attract the best clients and projects, I'll block the very success I seek by creating more and more doubt, uncertainty, and anxiety.  Other foot on the brakes.  At the same time.  (Ouch.)

To get my foot off the brakes, I have to find a way to think more about what I do want than what I don't want.

Consciousness training does just that (and more).

It shows how the problems with which you are dealing got created in the first place.

It also shows you precisely how to navigate from problem to solution.

When we are practiced in thinking on purpose, which means living consciously, we see for ourselves the entire premise of The Consciousness Company:

problems are created by deficits of consciousness and solved with infusions of consciousness.

Because the consciousness training purveyed here is, itself, the relentless practice of ancient, universal concepts that have supported humanity for

millennia, there is no guess-work.

There is only the decision to be smart about how to invest our 75,000 - 90,000 thoughts on a minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day basis.

"Problems are created by deficits of consciousness and solved with infusions of consciousness."

- Steven Morrison

A New-Paradigm Consultancy for a New Paradigm of Business

When we know the world is flat and are confronted with evidence that it is actually round, our paradigm changes.  Forever.

Humanity is entering a new paradigm of consciousness whereby the old ways are dying while, at the same time, new ways are being born.

The Consciousness Company teaches us to navigate this swirl of human consciousness.

Consciousness training includes learning to differentiate between what is old and dying and what is new and being born -- to better ascertain where to invest our time and energy.

Consciousness training includes learning to clearly articulate what is wanted for the future and habituating ourselves to repeatedly choosing to invest our time and energy there.

The Consciousness Company, then, is a hybrid of sorts:  part traditional company, part something we've not seen before.

We all know what a consultancy looks like and in this way, The Consciousness Company is as old-school as it gets: traditional, fee-for-service engagements with traditionally-structured companies, organizations, non-profits, and foundations not to mention individuals and teams within such entities.

Everything about the training itself, however, is new.

And what about when the "client" is society itself and the issues are collective and social like racism, poverty, and homelessness (to name but a few)?  These, too, are the results of deficits of consciousness at scale, on multiple levels, requiring infusions of consciousness at scale.

Watch for it because The Consciousness Company is asserting itself as a platform from which issues like these can be addressed in ways we have yet to see.

When it comes to consciousness training with The Consciousness Company, innovation, out of necessity, is the name of the game.

"One cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it."

- Albert Einstein

What are you thinking?

If you are a human being who is thinking about ways to solve a particular problem or set of problems -- be it on a personal level, a team/group level, or on an organizational level -- The Consciousness Company can be of service.

Discover how consciousness will fill in the nooks and crannies that research and money and tech and other trainings will never reach.

Learn how -- and why -- to turn goals, objectives, missions, and visions into shiny, clear intentions.

It's time for every business to be a conscious business.

It's time for conscious politics and sacred activism and functional government.

It's time for conscious leadership — at all levels, everywhere.

It's time for social impact investors and entrepreneurs to expand their definitions of impact to include principles of human consciousness.

“Every thought we think is creating our future.” 

- Louise Hay

Steven Morrison, Founder.

That's me -- looking at you and writing the words on these pages.  Hi there.

Started out as a corporate hack, life presented some changes, became a psychotherapist, morphed that into an utterly practical, down-to-earth practice for individuals and couples called Spiritual Workout®.

More life  changes ensued, became a man obsessed, wrote my first book, logged more than 1000,000 hours of mastery of this practice.

Tired of hearing myself say the same things over and over again to individuals when, in fact, multitudes would benefit from hearing it, founded The Consciousness Company to reach multitudes, came alive.

When not actively coaching, facilitating classes/clinics/workshops, or otherwise consulting with this work, I'm happiest when writing.

In its early days, The Consciousness Company has ventured into the issue we call homelessness in San Francisco.  It did some preliminary work with the City Attorney's office in Los Angeles on restorative justice programs.  It is working with an existing law firm that is transforming itself into a practice of healing law and is in talks to consult with a candidate/campaign for U.S. Senate.

The Company is also seeking funding to launch simultaneous programs addressing homelessness in San Francisco and poverty in Oakland, CA.

As founder, I write about conscious living, conscious business, conscious politics, conscious leadership and, well, you get the idea.

If you are reading this, I promise you there will be many ways for us to work together.  Please click "Let's Talk" below and start a conversation about exactly how The Consciousness Company might be of service to you, your team, your organization, your mission.  I'm looking forward to meeting you.

P E A C E ,

Steven Morrison, M.A.

Founder, The Consciousness Company

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