The Consciousness Company is about teaching people how to think.

So from now on you can use "consciousness" and "thinking" interchangeably.

Except wait, throw in an awareness of thinking.  Now we're in business.

Thinking is critical to the operation because thinking creates.

Think about that for a minute:  thinking creates.

For example, thoughts of fear, uncertainty, and judgment create more fear, uncertainty, and judgment.

Thoughts of love, certainty, and compassion create more love, certainty, and compassion.

It's simple, really.

We humans have in the neighborhood of 75,000 - 90,000 thoughts per day and they all matter.

That's why it's so important that those of us who are thinking a lot about a

creating a world that works for everyone

be really smart about how we are using the power of our thought --

individually and collectively.

It's about thinking on purpose.  In a coherent manner.


When we are coherent with our thinking, we are limitless.  

When we are coherent with our thinking, we live in certainty and on purpose

When we are coherent with our thinking, we will create a world that works for everyone.

A New-Paradigm Consultancy for a New Paradigm

When we know the world is flat and are confronted with evidence quite to the contrary, our paradigm changes.

Humanity is entering a new paradigm of consciousness whereby the old ways are dying and the new ways are being born.  The

Consciousness Company serves as a bridge between the two.

As such, it will attract and accept traditional, fee-for-service engagements from traditionally-structured entities like companies,

non-profits, and foundations and teams within such entities who seek solutions to problems.

Yet nothing about solving problems will be done in traditional ways.  Indeed, The Consciousness Company is about solving problems in innovative, not-before-seen ways.

The Consciousness Company will also be a platform from which social, societal problems like homelessness, racism, and poverty --

to name just a few -- can be addressed at scale ways that we have yet to see.

As such, innovation will be the name of the game, soup to nuts.

Bottom-line, The Consciousness Company can be of service wherever human beings are involved in solving problems.




The issue we call homelessness:  a primer.

The premise upon which the The Consciousness Company exists is that problems are caused by deficits of consciousness

and solved with infusions of consciousness.

For example, we could say that a collective dearth of compassion helps to create the collective issue we call homelessness.

Beliefs like the problem is intractable and there's not enough money and unhoused people want to be unhoused conspire to

exacerbate it.

An unwitting yet relentless focus on the issue itself insures the issue persists.

Already, in this simple overview of an example, we are talking about five of the 15 ancient, universal concepts that make up the

entirety of consciousness training and consulting purveyed by The Consciousness Company:  be compassionate, beliefs matter, the

law of attraction is always on, intentions matter, and everything is energy.



Infusions of consciousness via consciousness training, then, would look something like this:

Instead of saying we are compassionate people who simply cannot be compassionate all of the time for whatever reasons, a client

might create an intention to bake compassion into the process.

Immediately, we begin to approach and think about the issue in new ways.

When we come up against entrenched individual, cultural, and institutional beliefs like those just mentioned, consciousness

training encourages us to identify the beliefs we have, decide whether or not they serve us, and change the ones that don't.

The rationale for "How do we change our beliefs, especially when they're so true?" derives from the notion that everything is

energy.  Beliefs are nothing more than thoughts we think over and over again and, in this sense, thoughts are things.  And every

thing is energy.  Physics teaches us that energy does not get created or destroyed, it only changes form.  That's precisely how "I

can't" can become "I can" and how "it's impossible" can become "everything is possible."  It's not hard, it just takes some practice.


Albert Einstein referred to this concept when he said that we can't solve problems

with the same consciousness that created them.  So if we are thinking about solutions with the same energy that is steeped i

Because most everyone is, quite unwittingly, focused on the problem most all of the time, another opportunity to infuse

consciousness into the issue is to create a shiny, clear intention for what our cities look like when everyone is housed.

Beliefs are nothing more than thoughts we think over and over again, thoughts create, beliefs create, and when our desire (housing for everyone) is

misaligned with our belief (it's intractable)

necessary because of how our thoughts -- and beliefs (thoughts we think over and over again) create.  If we want to solve a problem

we believe is fundamentally unsolvable, we can change our desire to solve it, bang our head against the proverbial wall, or make

sure our beliefs are in alignment

with our wants.  That's a fundamental component of consciousness training.


If our current reality (e.g., persistent, entrenched homelessness) is something other than what we'd like it to be (e.g., everyone has a place to live) is

something other than what we want it to be, we can learn the mechanics of leveraging the law of attraction by setting shiny, clear

intentions for what it looks like when everyone who wants one has a place to live.  Everyone.  Everywhere.

This application of ancient, universal concepts to the nitty-gritty of everyday life is the stock and trade of The Consciousness Company.

As Albert Einstein once said, we cannot solve problems with the same consciousness that created them.

So The Consciousness Company is about a different consciousness.  It's about disrupting how you are currently thinking to chart a new course in service of

solving problems.

It is time for consciousness to fill in the nooks and crannies that research and money and tech will never reach to solve racism, poverty, homelessness and

the many other ills that drag down our society.

It's time for conscious politics and sacred activism and functional government.

It's time for any business to be a conscious business.

It's time for conscious leadership — at all levels, everywhere.

It's time for social impact investors and entrepreneurs to expand their definitions of impact and to take into account the impact of their own thoughts on

their endeavors.

Steven Morrison, Founder.

That's me.  Hello.  Started out as a corporate hack, life presented some changes, became a psychotherapist, morphed that into a practice called

Spiritual Workout®, more life changes, became a man obsessed and have logged more than 50,000 hours of mastery of this practice, tired of hearing

myself say the same things over and over again to individuals when, in fact, multitudes would benefit from hearing it, founded

The Consciousness Company to reach multitudes.  And I have come alive.  If not actively coaching, facilitating, or consulting this work, I'm happiest when



If you are reading this, there are so many ways for us to work together

Indeed, there are so many ways for us to work together so I invite you to start a conversation about how I and

The Consciousness Company might be of service to you.

I look forward to meeting you.

P E A C E ,

Steven Morrison, M.A.

Founder, The Consciousness Company

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