Impact 5.0

Impact 5.0 is for social impact investors of all stripes and varieties. It’s for foundations investing in social impact, and it’s for social entrepreneurs across all sectors. It’s for all such individuals who feel called to do more to anchor meaning/wisdom/consciousness into the nuts and bolts of themselves, their enterprises, and the enterprises they influence.…

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The Consciousness Company is about teaching people how to think. So from now on you can use “consciousness” and “thinking” interchangeably. Except wait, throw in an awareness of thinking.  Now we’re in business. Thinking is critical to the operation because thinking creates. Think about that for a minute:  thinking creates. That means thoughts of fear, doubt, and…

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Private Coaching

You are the only you who has ever existed and the only you who will ever exist. So if there is anything — anything at all — stopping you from knowing who you really are, from enjoying your Self and your Life to the fullest, from doing what you want to do in the world, it…

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Conscious Leadership

What does it feel like to be out in front, charting a course? If it’s not some version of fun and exciting and interesting and dynamic then there’s clearly some room for improvement. There are others behind you, of course, so you want to be, what? Confident? That’s the core of successful leadership. And that…

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Conscious Politics

It’s time.   When a newly elected Mayor of a capital city says “…But no, I’m not talking about trying to absolutely fix it.  I think that’s the aspiration…,” * in response to a question about solving the issue we call homelessness, he demonstrates that it’s time to infuse higher consciousness into the equation. Because there’s a…

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Conscious Business

  The sure-fire way to make your business a conscious business is to populate it with conscious people. And that’s our business.   Whether you are: an established business eager to stay relevant, a startup interested in baking consciousness into the fabric of your endeavor, a Certified B Corporation intent on functioning at maximum capacity,…

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