It's time.

When the newly elected mayor of a capital city says, "...But no, I'm not talking about trying to absolutely fix it;

think that's the aspiration..." -- in response to a question about solving the issue we call homelessness -- he

demonstrates that it's time to infuse higher consciousness into the equation.

Because there's a difference between an aspiration and an intention.

When we the people believe, for example, that the issue we call homelessness is intractable and will never be

solved or that war is inevitable or that we can't fight city hall or that peace is impossible or that it doesn't

matter what we think or say or that government is the problem or that voting doesn't matter or that there's

not enough money or that it's not our responsibility -- the need to infuse higher consciousness into the

equation is self-evident.

Because beliefs like these insure that we will be forever stuck and in our own way.  (And, for the record, who does the work when society itself is the client?  That would be The Consciousness Company.)

When hard-working staffers and volunteers of NGOs and non-profits

and the like, working on issues  from world hunger to environmental

protection to mass incarceration (to name a few) are exhausted and

demoralized at work because of the difficult politics within their

organizations, they demonstrate that it's time to infuse higher

consciousness into the equation.

Because it is incumbent upon the leaders of an organization not only to make its intentions shiny and clear but to make sure that staffers and volunteers are aligned with them. 

When, as everyday citizens and activists, we are angry and fearful

(which we have every right to be) and when we make choices and

decisions from anger and fear and when more and more of us talk a

whole lot more and more in terms of fight and protest and resistance,

we demonstrate that it's time to infuse higher consciousness into the equation.

Because anger and rage and fear only produce more anger and rage and fear.  (And because anger has far more useful benefits.)

When executives and staffers and volunteers of non-profit and social service agencies -- not to mention

government employees at any level -- lament the dearth of funding for their projects, they demonstrate

that it's time to infuse higher consciousness into the equation.

Because transformation will not happen without transforming our outdated beliefs about funding and where it comes from. 


You are a good person doing good work.

You are -- we all are -- good, open-hearted, dedicated, caring, compassionate, well-intended people.

By no means is that even remotely a question nor is it the issue.

We are just not yet schooled in the importance of clarity when it comes to

how we invest our thinking energy.

Through no fault of our own, we tend to focus far too much energy on the problems.

And we are not aware of some of the pitfalls of "taking action."

The Consciousness Company has launched in 2018.

Because it's time.


Let's talk about how to take your very good work to greater and greater heights.

The examples listed above point to the kinds of ways in which

everyday higher consciousness can -- and should -- be employed

to move us much closer to creating what we all want:  a world that works for everyone.

Regardless of who you are or where you work,

if you are a candidate for office, an office holder or a staffer,

if you are running a campaign of any kind,

if you are an activist,

if you are a non-profit or an NGO or a foundation working on these kinds of issues,

please introduce your Self and let's talk about how to make the most of your valuable time and

formidable energy.