The sure-fire way to make your business a conscious business is to populate it with conscious people.  (And that's our business.)

Let The Consciousness Company present you with an innovative approach to making your business a conscious business.

It will likely allow you to say goodbye to one-off workshops, off-site retreats, and all kinds of trainings.

They can be full of valuable information, of course.

But virtually immediately, the realities of everyday work life intrude and engulf.

And all that learning and information often goes by the wayside -- it just doesn't stick.

This approach brings the consciousness to the realities, infusing new thinking into the actual humans in your employ as they do what they do.

It begins to permeate the fabric of the company, inspiring and driving new ideas and directions as the enterprise journeys on.

Whether you are:

. an established business eager to be a "conscious business," to stay relevant;

. a startup interested in baking consciousness into the DNA of your endeavor;

. a Certified B Corporation intent on functioning at maximum capacity;

. a team within a company wanting to exceed expectations;

. or a company at any stage of development interested in conscious business,

you will receive a fully-customized plan to infuse your enterprise with higher consciousness.

Which is another way of saying we will show you how issues, problems, and challenges came into

being in the first place.

You will learn exactly how to solve them and how to chart a different course for the future.

You will learn what we already know:  problems are created by deficits of consciousness and solved

with infusions of consciousness.

As Albert Einstein famously stated, we cannot solve problems with the same consciousness that created them.

So if you have never seen or heard of The Consciousness Company or its founder, Steven Morrison, M.A., consider that a good thing.

Because the best solutions for the challenges you face must, by nature, be derived from what you haven't known or thought about before.

Call when you are ready for real, lasting change.

Consciousness training for business is designed to facilitate real, lasting change:

in individuals, in teams, and in the organization itself.

We respond to issues, challenges, problems in search of solutions.

Where is there doubt?  Uncertainty? Lack of clarity?  Disharmony?

What problems are chronic?

How sharp and clear are future goals and objectives?

Say where it hurts and we'll come up with a plan.