Yes, I'm a former psychotherapist, creator of Spiritual Workout, founder of The Consciousness Company,

originator of Consciousness Training, and a writer.

And at one time in the late 1990's, I owned and operated a retail modern art gallery in southern California.

It was a tremendously happy endeavor that I ultimately gave up in favor of other priorities.

Since there is not a whole lot to show about the work I do

(I mean, how many photos of someone talking and listening to other people are really necessary?),

I thought that some spare real estate on this site could be used as a mini gallery -- and here it is.

Currently featured is the work of my good friend, Judith Schonebaum:

I met Judy shortly after I made my epic move from the beach to the mountains in the mid 2000's.

It's a joy to see her never-stopping hands at work/play in her studio.  She is a

multi-media artist and I have a particular affinity for the abstracts you see here on the site.

Judy has also brilliantly married her environmental consciousness with her art so I find her

"creative reuse" to be especially powerful, not to mention usable.

I really just love all of it.

So hop on over to Judy's site to see more of her work or to get in touch with her directly.

And please tell her I sent you.  🙂


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